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When the web was young...

This website first took shape in 1995, when the web was in its infancy. At that stage, it was hosted on Geocities and only the areas relating to cricket were built.

By mid-1996, Geocities felt too restrictive; space was a problem. The site was moved to a company called Bayside. Unfortunately, it went into liquidation in 1999.

The disruption was a definitive one, in that it crystallised the idea of hosting it myself. By the final quarter of 1999, the site was up and running on my own server, using Slackware GNU/Linux.

A year or so later, a new server came online, this time running Debian GNU/Linux. The site continues to run on Debian.

Updated: March 11, 2014

Be you here by accident or design, welcome. You have come to that strangest of home pages, one which actually belongs to a journalist, one of that crabby genre who stare at print for hours on end at work and then come home thinking they have saved the world.

I don't aim for such lofty ideals; nay, my idea is to have a good time doing these pages and hope that those of you who are interested in the subjects covered here will do likewise. You won't find a lot of miscellaneous knick-knacks floating around; this and the following pages aim to provide stuff which is, to some extent at least, readable. No gimmicks, no floating images, no swirling crystal balls.

All the content at this site, apart from the pictures of the United Arab Emirates (which do not belong to me), is published under the GNU General Public License. This means it is free for use by anybody who wishes to do so, provided the following terms are observed:

  • The source (this site) must be acknowledged.
  • Any modifications must be mentioned.
  • And the same rights should be given to any person who wishes to use the material off your site.

Your comments are welcome. Send them to me and don't bother to mince your words. (Remove the nospam before you send your mail.)

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