This is the story of Rumpelstiltskin
A man who committed a lot of sin
The story begins on the day
When the miller and his daughter came to pay
A visit to the greedy king
Whose name was Christopher Gold Ring

The miller told the king what his daughter could do
He said: "She can make loads of gold just for you!"
The king was greedy, the king was mad
And he wanted all the gold he could have
So he said to the miller: " Leave your daughter here,
"And you can have her back after a year."
The miller was tearful, the miller was sad
He was about to give the king all that he had
His daughter, you see, was the only thing he owned
And after leaving the palace he cried and moaned.

But his daughter, too, was in a lot of trouble
As the king said: " Turn this hay into gold on the double
The poor girl didn't even have a clue
Of what in the world she was supposed to do
So she sat down and had a good cry
As the hours ticked on by and by
But just two hours before dawn
A little man came in and said: "Good morn!
What is it I can do for you?
Hurry up and tell me soon."
The girl told the guy what the king had said
He replied: "I'll do it. Now go to bed."
And he sat upon the spinning wheel
And started making gold from every reel

Soon before the break of morn
The little man had disappeared and gone
But before he left, he said, "Oh little one,
What will you give me for the work I've done?"
The girl said "OK, I'll make a deal
You can have this ring made of genuine steel."