Would you like to go there?

Living in the United Arab Emirates is an experience which some long for; others are sick of the artificial atmosphere from day one and leave when the chance comes along. To many the promise of money is enough to lure them and keep them captive for many a year. For others, it all begins to pall after a while; there is just so much satisfaction that one can gain by glancing at one's bank balance.

For many it is the unreal nature of society which puts them off. Others find the compromises they have to make too much after a while; after all, how long can one keep taking orders from semi-literates? And for how long can one endure the discrimination? This is a country where people can advertise job vacancies and specify that only Britons and Americans should apply. There are clubs which Asians cannot enter; they will be turned away on the pretext of not being members. Any white man who walks in is admitted.

No matter how long one stays in the country, one has to leave the moment one has no employment. There is no question of permanent residence; the very folk who protest against what they see as discrimination in the West shrewdly prevent foreigners from owning land in their country. For all the talk of Arab brotherhood, not even Arabs are allowed to settle down permanently. It is just a port of call to make money.

Would you like to be there? Your answer will definitely be of interest to me.

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