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Waugh was that all about?

The Proteas set the target well
The Aussies had to chase
Hansie gave them over a day
To win or lose the race
Of course, a draw was possible
But knowing Taylor's dread
Of no-results, the crowd all hoped
One would come out ahead.

But the loss of two on day four
Meant one side sought a draw
And push as Hansie's men did
They could do little more
They toiled and fought the good fight
All the way right upto tea
When the final session began
What drama there was to be!

The Boks sent back another two
Australia seemed on the mat
There was a faint scent of victory
But Mark W. was still at bat.
He'd held the fort right from the start
With some luck it is true
But it seemed he would stay there
And see the Aussies through.

Then came the one INCIDENT
Which spoilt the entire Test
Mark Waugh faced up to Pollock
Who gave him one of his best
The bouncer reared and hit his head
Waugh seemed to reel a bit
He flailed around, his bat stuck out
And his wickets he did hit.

The trend these days in cricket
Is wait for the ump, don't go,
Mark did nothing different
He stuck around for more.
The Proteas they were incensed
And gave some killing looks,
The umpires took their own time
To interpret the books.

Lawry and Benaud argued
And debated loud and long
The long-nosed one said "out it is",
Richie said: "You're wrong."
Hansie seemed agitated
He knew his chance was o'er
The stable door had been bolted
But the horse had flown the door.

The Aussies held on to draw it
Waugh had come up trumps
Some praised his knock, others said the man
Should have walked when he broke his stumps.
Australia took the series
No win for the Africans South
Yet another win for Taylor that left
A bad taste in the mouth.

Had Mark Waugh walked, it can't be said
That the Proteas would have won
Three more they had to send back
Before the deed was done.
It's happened pretty often
The Aussies come out on top
They win series after series
But some incidents up do crop.

McGrath lambasted young Samuels
And Healy claimed a catch
Last time when they beat the Windies
In match after match after match.
It happened during the Ashes
Shane Warne, he was the one
He gave the crowd a finger
And said it was in fun.

I'd like to end with my own words
But there are better lines
Which lend themselves so easily
To finish off this rhyme.
It's said that one day a scorer will come
To write against each name
Not simply whether one won or lost
But how each played the game.